The STRIVE program provides a middle and high school students the benefit of positive adult interaction with Rotary members.  The goals of the STRIVE program are to:
  • Motivate students with lower grade point averages to improve their grades;
  • Provide positive adult role models
  • Foster and develop leadership skills in at-risk students
The core STRIVE program is provided at Neenah High School for juniors and seniors.  The along with the goals noted above, the STRIVE program attempts to:
  • Educate students who would not qualify for admission to traditional four-year college about the opportunities available to them after high school;
  • Provide recognition to students who would not qualify for such recognition through traditional high school programs;
  • Provide this group of students with "street smarts" or basic "life experiences."

The Strive Program consists of nine monthly sessions designed to educate students on post high school school opportunities, and choices and challenges they may face after graduation. The monthly sessions include topics on budgeting and managing finances, continuing educational opportunities, and "real" world experiences. Guest speakers of business and community institutions, as well as political venues, facilitate the monthly sessions. 

The STRIVE 2B:) program is conducted with middle school students, focusing on leadership development, making wise choices and encouraging academic success.

Neenah Rotarians are welcomed and encouraged to attend the events for Strive and Strive 2B:) (see calendar of events for details). Contact information: Kelly Hicks.